I feel so loved right now. Robert got me my ultimate wish for Christmas and I couldn’t be happier. The Nook HD only came out last month and now I own it. No more months of pining and waiting for a dream that might not come true. He really does love me.


Holidays and Forgeting

Today I feel forgotten. I know its because its Christmas Eve and that the people close to me are getting me a surprise for tomorrom. Its just that I want things to be a certain way and it won’t be possible because I don’t have the money that I need. Or my daughters. My daughters are in a diffrent city, in a diffrent state, with a diffrent mom. I know I did the best thing I could for them its just that I want my girls with me. Their mom does keep me informed and tries to give me gifts every year. I just feel like my daughters don’ t remember me. I know they see pictures of me and recognize me that way but tjey don’t remember being with me. It hurts to know that I am forgotten.

New Beginings

It’s hard to figure out what to write about. Especially when you are just starting off. I hoped that by starting this blog I would be able to write what I experience and gain some perspective on my life. I also hope to write out some of the stories that roam freely in my mind. There is some expectation that I may get some feed back with what I write but I am a realist. Someone actually reading anything I write and critiquing it is slim. So here is my very first post at this blog.