SIr John’s Ball

The room goes quiet as the doors open. Everyone is scarcely breathing as they gaze expectantly towards the doorway. Tonight’s entertainment has been promised to surpass all others, Sir John fails to disappoint. Bright music blares, lively and bright, announcing the start of the show. People began to gasp as something rolled past their feet, coming to a stop in the center of the floor.

Everyone waited, champaign sparkling in their hands, as the green clad ball lay unmoving. Chattering excitedly among themselves, “What could possibly happen?” Except the ball never moved. Long after the champaign grew warm the ball merely sat there. When the guest’s chattering grew irritated an enterprising servant decided to prod the ball into moving.

The cloth fell away revealing the vacant eyes of Sir John. A woman screamed, her champaign glass shattering on the floor. “Well,” a man grunted, “Sir John did promise something different.”