I Dance

The lights go up the music plays. My feet keep pace with the beat while my body sways to the harmony. The crowd cheers and I begin to fly. Nothing matters but the dance. The music stills and the lights die down. The crowd is gone. Do I cease to be? Everything else is a haze. Friends who congratulate me, fans who scream my name. I see them all through a veil. Earphones in, iPod on, and the dance fills me once again. Now I’m alive.



I learned over the past two days different forms of gratitude. I am grateful to the lovely couple who can do the things I can not in taking care of what is precious to me. They are grateful to me for giving them the opportunity to take care of my treasure. To them, they are blessed by those precious treasures. I feel blessed being able to find people like them in this world.

Mangos a Memory

Two smiling faces look up at me. One reaches for what’s in my hand. The other bounces up and down holding onto my knee. Whomever says that twins are the same clearly never met any. Or perhaps they only met those that liked to fool the public into thinking they were the same. These two are mine and will always know that they are two separate people born on the same day.

I smile back and examine the fruit in my hand wondering if I can share with children their age. Mangos slide down the throat but it will be easy to choke on apiece that is too big. They have yet to develop teeth to chew it. But, I have read in a parenting magazine that it’s okay to give teething children the pits with some fruit still left on. Unfortunately, I have only one fruit in my hand. There is no other way around it. I must eat two.

Bath Time Blues



She did it to me again, that horrible food provider. I was outside with my friends rolling in something that smells fantastic. The next thing I know she’s yelling and chasing my friends away. Then I’m dumped into a tub of water and she scrubs the smell out of my fur. Now I’m wet and cold and have nothing to show for it. Wait what is that in her hans? Oh My God! Oh my God, Oh my God! It’s a cookie. I love this food provider!

Story Idea: Jessica Broderick

Mildew dripped off of the stone walls, the tangy scent adding to the oppressive atmosphere. Every corner filled with shadows, the darkness intensified by the light pouring from the skylight in the center of the room. At the edge of the light sat the half circle dais, keeping the occupants in shadow. “The Council will now see the prisoner,” a voice echoed.

Chains clinked and scrapped across the stone floor. A small, blonde, young woman was prodded into the circle of light. Her gaurd carried cattle prods and delighted in using them.  She flinched at the light after months of being kept in darkness. “Katherine Marie Corvinus,” a deep voice boomed off of the walls. “Do you know why you are here?”

“Because of the xenophobic old farts currently on the Council,” Katherine spat out. One of the gaurds jabbed her in the side with the cattle prod forcing her to her knees.

“You would do well to respect your elders,” a high pitched voice rang out. Kat could barely make put the Matron sitting stiffly on her chair.

“Enough Edna,” the deep voice cautioned. There was a creak of wood and the speaker lead forward into the light. The light threw his features into sharp relief making him seem sinister. “Now, Ms. Corvinus. Please tell the Council, in exact detail, why you were brought before us.” The Vampire smiled at Kat, the act more of a challenge than reassuring.

Kat tossed her hair over her shoulder causing the chains to jingle. “Honestly, I have no idea.” She glared at the shadowed Council. “I just came home and was thrown into one of your dungeons with no explanation.”

“Oh, my,” a sympathetic voice rang out. “The Council Head as gotten a little high handed hasn’t he?”  There was some more restless shifting from other members of the Council. Another face emerged into the light. Kat relaxed visibly at the elvish face of Dennis. “We are talking about the time you left Prosper, with Jes.”

“Jes, didn’t leave voluntarily,” another voice joined in. “The Council banished her for improper use of magick. We the Council would like to know what happened then.”

Kat sighed, “That isn’t my story to tell. ” She looked down at her chained hands. Before the gaurds could react she reached up and took off the necklace Jes gave her. Sadly she rubbed dew off of the jewel in its center. The jewel began to glow. Kat set it on the floor in front of her.

An image began to flicker and take shape. The Council gasped as the image of Jes solidified before them. “My name is Jessica Broderick,” she began. Her voice sounded hollow as if crossing a great distance. “I was banished from my hometown for something I couldn’t control. This is my story.”

Toilet Terrorist

Walk into any city building and you see uniformed security guards manning the reception desk.  Most people know where they are going and know what they are doing. Not me. I walk into the building looking around and scanning the lobby to see if there are signs leading to my destination. Am I acting weird. Oh, God the big one is getting up. They must think I’m a terrorist. I frantically walk up to the desk. “Where is the bathroom please?” I’d ask trying not to do the pee pee dance. A befuddled gaurd points to a door marked Womens. Oh, thank heavens. And a bomb is dropped. That’s the last time I eat Taco Belll.