Personal Failures

It’s interesting to know how others gauge success. For me, success is an elusive idea that I could never achieve no matter how hard I tried. Success occurs when you have achieved a perfect understanding of every aspect of your job, classes, friends, and of your self. Which is something that doesn’t actually happen. I have discovered through others that success could be much simpler than that. Coming back from any kind of failure and working as if that failure never happened is a success. ¬†Achieving a high score at the end of a school term is considered a success. I guess I gauge my own successes and failures on too harsh of a scale. I have currently achieved a ¬†90% score in my college classes. Everyone is praising me and saying how I have done such a good job. Their praise leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. I didn’t achieve that score by working hard. I just merely did the work assigned. Though, I admit, if I tried I probably wouldn’t have scored much higher. While I have always achieved high grades in school I have never gotten a perfect score. Which is my personal failure. I guess you could say I have become complacent, and will always just do the work just so that I don’t have to face the failure of not being perfect.


Thoughts On Writing

There is a magic to writing. Creating a world upon a page. Characters filled with so much life you can see them right before your very eyes. You feel every emotion the writer felt as you watch the struggle unfold. ¬†If you don’t believe me I dare you to read something written by someone who didn’t feel their writing. in fact I dare you to write something and not feel the emotion in it. You can’t can you? When someone writes a story some kind of magic is cast on the writer and the reader.