A Cup of Ash

A Cup of Ash

Cigarette butts lay like fallen soldiers on the ashes of their brethren. The rose painted porcelain held them all in its cold embrace. A fancy thing that should be in a Lady’s parlour surrounded by other pieces just like it as tea and cakes are served. Instead it sits upon a Writer’s desk collecting the detritus of the author’s struggle to find the words to express the story they want to say. Each time the Writer fails to find the perfect phrase another soldier falls into the porcelain grave.


Rock, Paper, Scissors, Go!


Inspiration from Facebook:

Paper and Rock were friends for the longest time. Rock was constantly annoyed at how Paper liked to hug him all the time but paper was his friend so he always forgave him. Scissors was jealous of Rock’s and Paper’s relationship because every time he tried to hug someone he would always cut them. So one day Scissors decided to cut Paper up so that Paper could never hug anyone again. Rock, upset at loosing his best friend, smashes Scissors to pieces.

The Game

Dear Kristian,

Remember when we met? We were at the dog park down on 5th street. I was alone watching the other dogs play with their humans. Your dog, Morgan, nearly ran me over during her game of tag with another dog. She was so sweet I couldn’t help but forgive her. You worried about her the way a mom cares for her baby. I thought then that I could play The Game with you. I actually thought that I could win. I was wrong.

The Game started the moment I realized we lived in the same apartment complex. So no, it wasn’t chance when we ran into each other everyday. It wasn’t a coincidence that I needed your help so often. You wouldn’t believe how often the ‘Damsel in Distress’ works on guys. Except it didn’t work on you. You completely changed the rules of The Game.

You took me to meet your family before we had our first kiss. It was a casual family dinner. Everyone was laughing at old stories while the kids watched cartoons. You showed me the family that never existed for me. A family that knows what your greatest sins are and doesn’t care. I started to understand why someone like you kept coming around even though you knew I was playing a Game. My entire world shattered that night.

It became important to keep you away now, for my sanity and to protect your heart. Except I have fallen in love with The Game. I couldn’t see not having you around anymore. No matter how many times I told myself that I would stop talking to you, that I would leave you alone. I couldn’t do it. So I told myself that it won’t go any farther. We will keep our friendship and the Game will eventually grow stale. That was all that I could hope for. But I guess you couldn’t leave well enough alone.

I just want to say that last night was, by far, a memory I will cherish forever. Watching the sun sink into the sea has to be one of my most favorite views. I just wish you didn’t have to kiss me. If you could’ve resisted just a little bit longer than we could’ve just disappeared from each other’s lives. Now your name is etched deep into my soul and I can do nothing but bring you pain. That is why I had to leave. Please understand. I want you to be happy with a normal life and a normal wife. I’m happy that I lost The Game to you.

Love Eternally,

Brenda Adams