I wish it would rain. Then maybe this sadness that fills me will finally find a release. Last week I failed to say goodbye. It wasn’t intentional. I wanted to say goodbye. I just couldn’t bring myself to get up and face the children that were leaving.

I spent three months of my life living with these children. Seeing them off to school. Cooking meals for them. Making sure that they took their baths and went to bed on time. These wonderful children became the center of my life for three short months.

Now these children are gone and I never said goodbye. I deal with the silence of their absence and wonder. Why couldn’t I be brave enough to say goodbye?


Rainy day

Rolling in across the sky

A blanket of clouds begin to sigh

Letting go of all they contain

Blessing this desert with their rain

A sitter by the window stares

Wondering if she should care

That everything has washed away

On this very rainy day

Down the street her work does float

Almost like a little boat

It was supposed to be a house

For her tiny little mouse

Instead she sat and watched it go

Why does fate treat her so

Calm Before The Storm

The day is bright with the sun shining and blue sky’s greeting the pedestrians. Unseen along the edges the clouds lie in wait. You can feel them, looking for the perfect moment to swarm in and lock the sun away. But you choose to ignore it, nothing will ruin this perfect day. Still the clouds will wait and they will roll in. Are you prepared for the storm?