Following Dreams and Facing Reality

My life has been a series of revelations lately. I became homeless and had to get a job. This has made going to school and continuing to write very difficult. I found that I could do one or the other. Which came as a shock because I had this wonderful dream. I was going to be able to join society and have a job like everyone else. I would also be able to attend college and complete my courses before they were due. There would even be time to jot down my thoughts and ideas. Maybe even get a few words in on the project I’m working with a friend. None of this happened though.


The one thing that I didn’t count on was the time drain from working my job. For the last month all it seemed that I was doing was working and sleeping. I didn’t have time for anything else, not school, not writing, not even my friends. I was working overtime trying to afford a place to live and lost my most important dream. The thing I dream of being the most is a writer. I want to be acknowledged for my words. However, I need the job to be able to have a roof over my head. School has ended for me and my writing has been non existant. This doesn’t seem to be a fair compromise.


Now I’m caught between my dreams and my reality. I need the job to keep a roof over my head and food in my belly. I need my writing to find their way on paper. I really want my writing to be in print and found on Library shelves all over the country. I don’t care if I’m famous if I can find myself in the Library. I really want to follow my dreams but I have to face my reality. There has got to be a compromise somewhere. A place where I can live and write.